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North American Commercial Body & Truck Body Builders

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Abbott-Downing Truck & Body Co.
ABC Truck
Akron Selle Co.
S.S. Albright Co.
ALF-Herman Corp.
Alleghany Body Co.
Alma Trailer Corp.
Alton Co.
Aluminum Truck Bodies
American Body & Equipment Co.
American Body Co. Inc.
American Body & Trailer Co.
American Carriage Co.
American Coach & Body Co.
American Commercial Vehicles
American Truck & Trailer Body Co.
America's Body Co.
Anthony Co.
Arcadia Trailer Corp.
Archer Iron Works
O. Armleder & Co
Associated Bodies Corp.
Automatic Dump Car Co.
Automotive Industries Inc.
Automotive Trailer Corp.
H.H. Babcock Co.
Badger Body Co.
Bailey Body Co.
Bailey & Bowne
Baker, Rauch & Lang
Baker Raulang
Barkow Auto Body Co.
Bartlett Trailer Corp.
Batavia Body Co.
Baughman Mfg. Co.
C.D. Beck Co.
Beims & Zehlein
Bellamore Armored Car & Equip. Co.
Bender Body Co.
Bennett Auto Body Co.
Benson Truck Bodies
Berg Bros. Mfg. Co.
Best Body Co.
Beverly Auto Body Works
Biddle & Smart
Bishop, McCormick & Bishop Co.
Adam Black & Sons
Black Diamond Trailer Co.
Blattmann Sheet Metal Works
Andrew Blum
Herman Born & Sons
Bowne & Bowne
Boyertown Auto Body Works
Brantford Coach
Brooks & Perkins
Brooks Van Ette
Dayton T. Brown Inc.
Brown Auto Carriage Co.
Brown Body Corp.
P.I. Brown Carriage Co.
Brown Trailer
Brumbaugh Body Co.
Brunswick Corp.
Buckeye Wagon Works
Butler Manufacturing Co.
Byron Engineering Works Inc.
Caley & Nash Inc.
Calumet Truck Body Corp.
Carnegie Body & Top Co.
Champion Auto Equipment
Champion Wagon Co.
J.L. Clark Mfg. Co.
Collins Industries
Columbia Body
Columbia Body Co.
Columbia Truck and Trailer Co.
Columbia Wagon and Body Co.
Commercial Steel Body Co.
Converto Mfg. Co.
Correct Mfg. Co.
Craftsman Bodies
A. Cresci & Son Inc.
C. Cretors & Co.
Crown Coach
Crown Motor Carriage Co.
Crown Steel Products Co.
Custom Body Service
D&C Equipment Co.
Dailey Body Co.
Daybrook Hydraulic Corp.
Dayton Brown Inc.
Dearborn Line
DEK Inc.
Dekalb Commercial Body
Dekalb Wagon Co.
Delevan Welding
Detroit Motor Car Supply
Detroit Trailer Co.
Differential Steel Car Co.
John C. Dix, Son & Co.
Donagon & Nealson
Dorsey Trailers
Dunbar Automobile Body Co.
E & L Transport
Eckland Brothers Co.
Eight-Point Trailer Corp.
John Elberg Body Co.
Elder Motor Bodies
Elysee Corp.
Erlinder, Platt Body Co.
Evansville Carriage Works
Federal Laboratories
Field Body Corp.
Field Mfg. Co.
Finch Carriage Co.
Fitzjohn Body
Fitzjohn-Erwin Mfg. Co.
Ford Body Co.
Francis Body Co.
Franklin Body & Equipment Co.
Frantz Body Mfg. Co.
Fruehauf Trailer Co.
Fulton & Walker Co.
Galvin & Gilmore
Gar Wood Industries
Gardner Display
Gemini Mfg. Co.
General Body Co.
General Body Corp.
General Body Mfg.
Geneva Wagon Co.
Gerstenslager Co.
Giant Mfg. Co.
Leo Gillig Automobile Works
Gillig Bros.
Gindy Mfg. Corp.
L.C. Graves Co.
Great Dane
Group Hesse
Haberer & Co.
Hackney Bros. Body Co.
A.M. Haire Body Co.
Hale Fire Equipment Co.
Harrington Mfg. Co.
Hart Pressed Steel
A.G. Hebb Body Co.
Heil Co.
Heintz Mfg. Co.
Geo. Heiser Body Co.
Heller Truck Body Corp.
Henderson Mfg.
Herby Brothers
Hercules Body Co.
Hercules-Campbell Body Co.
Hercules Steel Products Corp.
Herman Body Co.
William G. Hesse & Son Mfg. Co.
Hesse Carriage Co.
Hesse Corp.
Hewitt-Lucas Body Co.
Highland Body Mfg. Co.
Highway Trailer Co.
Hill Auto Body Metal Co.
Himmelberger Wagon Works
Hobbs Mfg. Co.
Holan Body Co.
J.H. Holan Corp.
Holbrook Co.
Holcker Mfg. Co.
Holcker-Elberg Mfg. Co.
Hoover Body Co.
Huber Wagon Works
Hulet Body Co.
Ingram Truck Body
J & J Truck Bodies & Trailers
Jackson Body Co.
Janesville Carriage Co.
Jannell & Son Body Co.
Jennings & Co.
Johnson Hydraulic Mfg. Co.
Johnson Truck Bodies
C.N. Johnston Shops
R. Joynt & Sons
Kastory Motor Body Co.
Kelly Auto Body Co.
Kentucky Wagon Mfg. Co.
Keystone Vehicle Co. #1
Keystone Vehicle Co. #2
Keystone Wagon Works
Kidron Inc.
Kilbourne & Jacobs Mfg. Co.
King Trailer Co.
Louis Klinger
Klinger Bros. Co.
Knapheide Mfg. Co.
Karl Koefoed Body Co.
Kold-Hold Mfg. Co.
Kolstad Co.
Kovatch Mobile Equipment
Kranz Automotive Body Co.
Theodor Kundtz Co.

W.F. Lacey & Sons
Lambert Mfg. Co.
Lansing Commercial Body Co.
Lapeer Trailer Co.
Lauritzen Co.
LeBaron Detroit Co.
Lee Loader & Body Co.
Lee Trailer & Body Co.
E. Lehnart & Sons
Leland Equipment Co.
Linn Coach & Truck Co.
Linn Trailer Corp.
Lockwood Engineering Co.
Long Body Co.
Luedinghaus & Espenschied
Lyncoach & Truck Co.
Hugh Lyons & Co.
Marion Body Co.
Marion Metal Products Co.
Mark Body, Truck & Equipment
Martin-Parry Corp.
Martin Truck & Body Co.
Marysville Body Works
Mayer Body Corp.
Harry O. McGee Mfg. Co.
McKay Carriage Co.
McLaughlin Body Co.
Mechanical Handling Systems
Medical Coaches
A. Meister & Sons Co.
Mengel Body Co.
Metropolitan Body Co.
Miami Specialty Works
W.F. Mickey Body Co.
Midland Steel Co.
Mid-West Body & Mfg.
Mifflinburg Body Co.
A.C. Miller & Co.
J.R. Miller Corp.
Millington Truck Body Co.
Moline Body Co.
Moline Body Corp.
Montpelier Mfg. Co.
Moon Bros. Carriage Co.
Moore & Sons
Morgan Corp.
Morrison Steel Products
Morysville Body Works
Motor Truck Body Co.
Mueck Auto Body Co.
Municipal Supply Co.
Murphy Mfg.
National Body Corp.
New Haven Carriage & Auto Works
Novelty Carriage Works
Nuse Wagon Works
Ohio Blower Co.
Ohio Body & Blower Co.
Ohio Motor Vehicle Co.
Charles Olson & Sons
J.B.E. Olson Corp.
Omaha Body & Equipment Co.
Oneonta Linn Corp.
Orrville Body Co.
Orrville Metal Specialty Co.
Orrville Products Co.
Owensboro Mfg. Co.
Pacific Car Building Co.
Pacific Truck & Trailer Ltd.
Pak-Mor Mfg. Co.
Parry Mfg. Co.
Patriot Body Co.
C.R. Patterson & Sons
Patterson Body Co.
Penn Trailers & Truck Bodies
Perfection Steel Body Co.
Pickwick Motor Coach Works
Pierce Auto Body Works
Pines Trailer Co.
Gilbert E. Porter
Powers American
Jacob Press' Sons
Press Tank & Equipment
Proctor Keefe Body Co.
Providence Body Co.
Pullman Standard
Randall Steel Dumping Bodies Co.
Rauch & Lang
Reading Body Works
Rech-Marbaker Co.
Red Ball Transit Co.
Reim-Thompson Co.
Remke Inc.
Rock Hill Body Co.
Rogers Trailers
Rowe Mfg.
Royal Body Co.
Gustav Schaefer Wagon Co.
G.A. Schnabel & Sons
August Schubert Wagon Co.
Wm. Schukraft & Sons
Schult Trailers
Schulze Auto Body Works
Schurmeier Wagon Co.
Schurmeier-Whitney Co.
Charles Schutte Body Co.
W.S. Seaman Co.
Seaman Body Corp.
Sechler & Co.
Sheet Steel Products Co.
Sheller-Globe Corp.
J.P. Sjoberg & Co.
Smith Bros. Motor Bodies
South Bend Bodies
Spaulding Mfg. Co.
Spencer Trailer Co.
Sportscoach Corp.
Square Deal Body Co.
Specialty Engineering Co.
Springfield Body Co.
Stahl Metal Products
Standard Auto Body Co.
Standard Carriage Works
Standard Commercial Body Corp.
Standard Steel Works
Standrive Co.
Steel Products Co.
Stewart Iron Works
Stewart Truck Bodies
Stoughton Cab & Body Co.
Stoughton Wagon Co.
St. Paul Hydraulic Hoist
Stuart Trailers
Sunnyside Auto Body Works
Superior Trailer
Superior Body
Superior Motor Coach
Supreme Corp.
Swab Wagon Co.
Swift Body
Sycamore Wagon Works
Tawrie Carriage
Thayco Trailer Corp.
Thermo King
Thiele Body Co.
E.J. Thompson Co.
Robert Thompson Co.
Timpte Brothers Inc.
Trabold Co.
Tradewind Industries
Traditional Coachworks
Traffic Transport Eng.
Trailer Co. of America
Transportation Engineers
Troy Wagon Works Co.
Uhlenhaut Bros. Wagon Co.
Unicell Body Co.
Union City Body Co.
United Automotive Body Co.
United Body Corp.
Universal Sales
U.S. Body & Forging Co.
US Truck Body
Utility Supply Co.
Utility Trailer Mfg. Co.
Utility Body Co.
Vanette Inc.
W & K
Wabash National
Charles Wacker Co.
Ward Motor Vehicle Co.
Warner Mfg. Co.
Waterhouse & Co.
Waterloo Bodies
Waters Mfg. Co.
Watkins Body Corp.
Wayne Foundry & Stamping Co.
Wayne Works
H.V. Wells Ltd.
Peter Wendel & Sons Co.
Wentworth & Irwin
William Wertsch Co.
C. West & Co.
Western Auto & Body
Westland Trailer
West Rock Wagon Co.
Whitehead & Kales
Whitfield & Sons Inc.
Wiedman Body Co.
Jos. Wildanger Co.
William Wagon Works
Wilson Motor Bodies
Witt-Will Co.
Wolfe Body Co.
Wolfington Body Co.
Wood Hydraulic Hoist & Body Co.
Thomas Wright
Wright Carriage Body Co.
Yankee Body Co.
York Body Co.
York Hoover Body Corp.
York Wagon Gear
Yorkville Commercial Body Co.


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