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Body Builders Beginning With "S"

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S & S
Safety Buggy Co.
Salem Chrysler-Plymouth
Sargent & Ham
Saulsbury Fire Rescue
Sayers & Scovill
Scaletta Moloney Armoring
Gustav Schaefer Wagon Co.
William Schelm Co.
H. Scherer & Co.
Schildwachter Auto Body Co.
Schmidt & Bartelt
G.A. Schnabel & Sons
August Schubert Wagon Co.
Wm. Schukraft & Sons
Schult Trailers
Schulze Auto Body Works
Schurmeier Wagon Co.
Schurmeier-Whitney Co.
Schutte-Blue Ribbon Body Co.
Charles Schutte Body Co.
Schutte & Symons
Maurice Schwartz
Seabrook & Smith Carriage Co.
Seaman Body Corp.
W.S. Seaman Co.
Seattle Auto Rebuilders
Sechler & Co.
Sedan Body Co.
Sharpe Conversions
Sheet Steel Products Co.
Sheller-Globe Corp.
Shields Carriage Co.
Shop of Siebert Associates
Sidney Mfg. Co.
Sievers & Erdman
C.T. Silver Inc.
Six-Wheel Co.
J.P. Sjoberg & Co.
Sleeper Coach
A.O. Smith Co.
H. Collier Smith Co.
Smith Bros. Motor Bodies
Smith-Eggers Co.
Smith & Mabley
Smith-Springfield Corp.
A.G. Solar
South Bend Bodies
South Bend Spring Wagon & Carriage Co.
Southern Aircraft Corp.
Southern California Plating Co.
Southern Coach Mfg. Co.
Sowney Bros.

S (continued)
Spartan Coach
Spaulding Mfg. Co.
Specialty Hearse & Ambulance
Spencer Trailer Co.
Sportscoach Corp.
Square Deal Body Co.
Specialty Carriage Co.
Specialty Engineering Co.
Sports Car Engineering
Springfield Body Co.
Springfield Coach Builders
Springfield Coach Works
Springfield Equipment Co.
Springfield Metal Body Co.
Stageway Coaches Inc.
Stahl Metal Products
Standard Auto Body Co.
Standard Carriage Works
Standard Commercial Body
Standard Steel Works
Standard Wagon Works
Standrive Co.
Stanley Motor Carriage Co.
Steel Products Co.
George T. Stehling
Peter Stengel, Carrossier
Sterling Motor Truck Co.
A.F. Sternad
Stevens Mfg. Co.
Stewart Bros. Co.
W.F. Stewart Co.
Stewart Iron Works Inc.
Stewart Steel Products Inc.
Stewart Truck Bodies Inc.
R.M. Stivers
St. Louis Car Co.
B. Stone & Sons - Chicago
Stoughton Cab & Body Co.
Stoughton Wagon Co.
St. Paul Hydraulic Hoist
Richard Straman Coachworks
Stratton Carriage Co.
Streamline Corp.
Streator Hearse & Body Co.
Stuart Trailers
Studebaker Bros.
Stutz Fire Engine Co.
Sunnyside Auto Body Works
Superior Body
Superior Motor Coach
Superior Trailer
Supreme Corp.
Sutphen Fire Equipment Co.
Swab Wagon Co.
Swift Body
Sycamore Wagon Works


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