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North American Trailer Manufacturers

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ABC Truck
Adams Trailer Corp.
Aerocar Co. of Detroit
Alma Trailer Corp.
American Body & Trailer Co.
American Truck & Trailer Body Co.
America's Body Co.
Anthony Co.
Arcadia Trailer Corp.
Archer Iron Works
Automatic Dump Car Co.
Automotive Trailer Corp.
Bartlett Trailer Corp.
Baughman Mfg. Co.
C.A. Behlen Co.
Benson Truck Bodies
Black Diamond Trailer Co.
Branstrator Body Co.
Brantford Coach
Brown Trailer
Byron Engineering Works
Carnegie Body & Top Co.
Columbia Body
Columbia Truck and Trailer Co.
Converto Mfg. Co.
Covered Wagon Co.
A. Cresci & Son Inc.
Curtiss Aerocar Co.
Daybrook Hydraulic Corp.
Delevan Welding
Detroit Trailer Co.
Differential Steel Car Co.
John C. Dix, Son & Co.
Dorsey Trailers
E & L Transport
Eckland Brothers Co.
Eight-Point Trailer Corp.
Elder Motor Bodies
Francis Body Co.
Fruehauf Trailer Co.
Galion - Peabody-Galion
Gar Wood Industries
General Body Corp.
Gindy Mfg. Corp.
Great Dane
Hackney Bros. Body Co.
A.M. Haire Body Co.
Heil Co.
Hercules Body Works
Hercules Steel Products Corp.
Hesse Carriage Co.
Hesse Corp.
Highland Body Mfg. Co.
Highway Trailer Co.
Hobbs Mfg. Co.
J & J Truck Bodies & Trailers
Johnson Truck Bodies
R. Joynt & Sons
Kentucky Wagon Mfg. Co.
Kidron Inc.
Kilbourne & Jacobs Mfg. Co.
King Trailer Co.
Kold-Hold Mfg. Co.

Kolstad Co.
Lapeer Trailer Co.
Lee Loader & Body Co.
Lee Trailer & Body Co.
Leland Equipment Co.
Linn Coach & Truck Co.
Linn Mfg. Corp.
Linn Trailer Corp.
Luedinghaus & Espenschied
Lyncoach & Truck Co.
Marion Metal Products Co.
Mechanical Handling Systems
W.F. Mickey Body Co.
Moreland Motor Truck Co.
Morgan Corp.
Ohio Body & Blower Co.
Ohio Motor Vehicle Co.
Ohio Trailers
Oneida Products
Owensboro Mfg. Co.
Pacific Truck & Trailer Ltd.
Penn Trailers & Truck Bodies
Perfection Steel Body Co.
Pines Trailer Co.
Jacob Press' Sons
Press Tank & Equipment
Providence Body Co.
Red Ball Transit Co.
Rex Mfg. Co.
Rogers Trailers
Gustav Schaefer Wagon Co.
Schult Trailers Inc.
Sechler & Co.
Smith Bros. Motor Bodies
Spencer Trailer Co.
Standard Carriage Works
Standard Steel Works
Steel Products Co.
Stuart Trailers
Superior Trailer
Thayco Trailer Corp.
Thermo King
Thiele Body Co.
Timpte Bros. Inc.
Traffic Transport Eng.
Trailer Co. of America
Troy Wagon Works Co.
Utility Supply Co.
Utility Trailer Mfg. Co.
W & K
Wabash National
Warner Mfg. Co.
Watson Products
Watson Wagon Co.
Wentworth & Irwin
Westland Trailer
West Rock Wagon Co.
Whitehead & Kales
Wiedman Body Co.
Wilson Motor Bodies
Wood Hydraulic Hoist & Body Co.

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