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North American Wood-Bodied Suburban, Station Wagon and Depot Hack Manufacturers

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S.S. Albright Co.
H.H. Babcock Company
Baker, Rauch & Lang
Baker Raulang
Bender Body Co.
Biehl Body Co.
Bishop, McCormick & Bishop Co.
Bohman & Schwartz
Boyertown Auto Body Works
Bridgeport Body Co.
Briggs Body Co. - Briggs Mfg.
Brewster & Co.
Burkett Closed Body Co.
Campbell-Midstate Body Co.
J.T. Cantrell & Co.
Coachcraft Ltd.
Columbia Body Co.
Columbia Body Corp.
Columbia Wagon Co.
Cortland Cart & Carriage Co.
Cotton Body Co.
Crown Coach
Crown Motor Carriage Co.
Derham Body Co.
Field Body Corp.
Field Mfg. Co.
Ford Body Co.
Ford Motor Co.
Galvin & Gilmore
Geneva Wagon Co.
Leo Gillig Automobile Works
Gillig Bros.
Gotfredson Ltd.
Hackney Bros. Body Co.
Hayes Body Co.
Hayes-Ionia Co.
Heintz Mfg. Co.
Hercules Body Co.
Hercules-Campbell Body Corp.
Hess & Eisenhardt
Hoover Body Co.
Hoover Wagon Co.
Huber Wagon Works

Ionia Mfg. Co.
Iron Mountain
Jannell Body Co.
Kentucky Wagon Mfg. Co.
Martin-Parry Corp.
Martin Truck & Body Co.
Marysville Body Works
Peter McAvoy & Sons
George W. McNear
Meteor Motor Car Co.
Mifflinburg Body Co.
Mingel Company
M.P. Moller Motor Car Co.
Monart Motors
J.H. Mount Co.
Murray Corp.
New England Auto Body Works
Parry Mfg. Co.
Pekin Wood Products
Providence Body Co.
Rauch & Lang
G.A. Schnabel & Sons
Schurmeier-Whitney Co.
Maurice Schwartz
W.S. Seaman Co.
Seaman Body Corp.
Shop of Siebert Associates
Springfield Body Co.
Standard Carriage Works
Standard Commercial Body Corp.
Stoughton Wagon Co.
United Automotive Body Co.
U.S. Body & Forging Co.
Waterloo Bodies
Jos. Wildanger Co.
York Body Co.
York Wagon Gear
York Hoover Body Corp.
Ypsilanti Reed Furniture Co.


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