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Body Builders Beginning With "B"

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B & B Coach Inc.
H.H. Babcock Co.
Badger Body Co.
Bailey Body Co.
S.E. Bailey & Co.
Bailey & Bowne
S.R. Bailey Carriage Co.
Baker, Rauch & Lang
Baker Raulang
W.S. Ballantyne Co.
Banker Brothers Co.
Banks Motor Corp.
Banner Buggy Co.
Barkow Auto Body Co.
Barnard Co.
Barndt & Johnston Auto Supply Co.
Barnes Carriage Co.
Barnes-Curtiss Co.
Barnett Coach Co.
Guy Barnette & Co.
Barron Corp.
Bartlett Trailer Corp.
Batavia Body Co.
J. Paul Bateman Co.
Baughman Mfg. Co.
Bayliff Coach Corp.
John Bean Co.
O.J. Beaudette Co.
C.D. Beck Co.
C.A. Behlen Co.
Beims & Zehlein
Bela Body Co.
Bellamore Armored Car & Equip. Co.
Belle Andrews
Belmore MacDougall & Moores
Bender Body Co.
Bender, Robinson Co.
Bennett Auto Body Co.
Benson Truck Bodies
George R. Bentel Co.
Benton Body Co.
Berg Bros. Mfg. Co.
Bergholt Body Co.
Best Body Co.
Beverly Auto Body Works
R.S. Bickle Co.
Biddle & Smart
Biehl Wagon & Auto Body Works
Ralph E. Bills Body Co.
Birdsall, Waite & Perry
Bishop, McCormick & Bishop Co.
Adam Black & Sons
Black Diamond Trailer Co.
Blakeslee Vehicle Body & Seat Co.
Blattmann Sheet Metal Works
Blitz Buggy Co.
Blue Bird
Blue Ribbon Body Co.
Andrew Blum
Boardman Fire Apparatus
Bohman & Schwartz
C. Bohman & Son

B (continued)
Jerome Bolick Sons Co.
H.F. Borbein & Co.
Herman Born & Sons
Bowne & Bowne
James Boyd & Brother
Boyer Fire Apparatus
Boyertown Auto Body Works
Brackett Bus Mfg. Co.
Bradford Coach Works
Branstrator Body Co.
Brantford Coach
Bratton Coachworks
George S. Brauks
Braun Corp.
Braun Industries Inc.
Breece Custom Limousines
Brewster & Co.
Bridgeport Body Co.
Bridgeport Vehicle Co.
Bridgeton Hearse & Ambulance Co.
Briggs Mfg. Co.
Briggs Carriage Co.
J.G. Brill
Briscoe Mfg. Co.
Broadway Automobile Exchange
Broc Carriage & Wagon Co.
John B. Brokaw Co.
Brokaw Body Co.
Bronson Carriage Co.
Brooks & Perkins
Brooks-Ostruk  Co.
Brooks Van Ette
Dayton T. Brown Inc.
Julian S. Brown
Russ Brown & Associates
Brown Auto Carriage Co.
Brown Body Corp.
P.I. Brown Carriage Co.
Brown Industries
Brown Trailer
Brownell & Burt Inc.
Brumbaugh Body Co.
Brunn & Co
Brunn Carriage Mfg.
Brunswick Corp.
Bryant Body Co.
Bub Body Co.
Buckeye Wagon Works
Budd Co.
Buffalo Auto Body & Trimming Co.
Buffalo Body Corp.
Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp.
Burkett Closed Body Co.
Burr & Co.
Bush Body Co.
Bus Industries of America
Butler Mfg. Co.
Byron Engineering Works


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