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Body Builders Beginning With "C"

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C & C Custom Funeral Coach
C & C Professional Vehicles
Cadillac Wagons Ltd.
Charles Caffrey Carriage Co.
Caley & Nash Inc.
California Body Building Co.
California Metal Shaping Co.
Calumet Truck Body Corp.
Campbell-Midstate Body Co.
Canada Body & Carriage Co.
Canadian Car & Foundry
J.T. Cantrell & Co.
Canadian Auto Top Co.
Canadian Top & Body Corp.
Edward A. Cantor
Carmm Convertible Body Co.
Carnegie Body & Top Co.
Carpenter Body Works
Carriage Factories Ltd.
Carriage Woodstock Co.
William A. Carroll Co.
Carson Top Shop
Caserta Professional Vehicles
CCC - Available
C.C.F. Brill
Central Auto Supply
Central Fire Truck Corp.
Central Mfg. Co.
Century Coaches
Challenger Corp.
Champion Auto Equipment
Champion Bus Inc.
Champion Fire
Champion Wagon Co.
Chanslor & Lyon Auto Top Co.
Chatham Carriage Co.
Checker Cab Mfg. Co.
Chicago Armor & Limousine
Chicago Carriage & Trimming Co.
Chicago Coach & Carriage Co.
Chicago Motor Bus Co.
Chas. H. Childs & Co.
Kenneth L. Childs
O.J. Childs Co.
Christopher Co.
H.R. Chupurdy & Co.
Cincinnati Car Co.
Clark & Co.
Clark Carriage Co.
J.L. Clark Mfg. Co.
Classic Limousine
Classic Motor Carriages
Clayton Co.
Clayton & Lambert Co.
J.W. Clinedinst Co.
Coach & Equipment Sales & Mfg.
Coachcraft Ltd.
Coach Design Group
Coachette Co.

C (continued)
Coachworks by Donalson
Coast Apparatus Inc.
John D. Cogan Co.
George W. Cole
Cole-Stratton Co.
Cole & Woop
Collings Carriage Co.
Collins Body Co.
Collins Bus Corp
Collins Industries
Columbia Body
Columbia Body Co.
Columbia Body Corp.
Columbia Coach Works
Columbia Truck and Trailer Co.
Columbia Wagon and Body Co.
Columbus Buggy Co.
J. Colyer & Co.
Commercial Steel Body Co.
Conboy Carriage Co.
Thomas Connolly Carriage Works
Convertible Automobile Body Corp.
Converto Mfg. Co.
Cooling Carriage Co.
George W. Copp
Copple Auto Works
Corbett & Co.
Corbitt Co.
Corporate Coach
Correct Mfg. Co.
Cortland Cart & Carriage Co.
Cotner Bevington
Cotton Body Co.
Covered Wagon Co.
Craftsman Bodies
Craftsmen Limousine
Craig-Hunt Co.
Crane & Breed
Creative Industries
Crescent Carriage Co.
A. Cresci & Sons
Crestline Coach
C. Cretors & Co.
Crimson Fire Apparatus
Crown Coach
Crown Motor Carriage Co.
Crown Steel Products Co.
Cub Industries Inc.
Cummings Car and Coach Co.
James Cunningham, Son & Co.
Curtiss Aerocar Co.
Currier & Cameron
Custom Body Service
Custom Fire Apparatus
Custom Motors Inc.
J. Frank Cutter
Cynthiana Carriage Co.

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