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Corbett & Co.
Corbett & Company, 1930s-1940s; Flushing, Queens, New York
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Corbett & Company of Flushing, Queens New York, specialized in conversions and customizations as well as auto-body repairs. They are known to have built a 1939 Graham model 97 Formal Town Car (Sharknose) that looks much like the conversions carried out by Derham during the same time period. The car was displayed at Graham Motors, Inc. of NY. and was mentioned at the time in Automobile Topics.

Although Hugo Pfau attributed the car to LeBaron, historian Karl S. Zahm has discovered evidence that the Sharknose Town Car was actually built by Corbett. He writes:

"According to the brief comment in Automobile Topics (May 8, 1939), 'A Graham Supercharger Town Car with custom coachwork by Corbett & Co. of Queens, New York City, appeared recently in the showrooms of Graham Motors, Inc. of NY. The car was built to order for a Manhattan customer and delivered for $3,200. The custom work alone is reported to have cost $1,300.'

"This firm is also believed to have modified a standard 1939 Graham sedan into a Berline with the addition of a division partition. A photograph of the interior of this type appeared in the May 1939 issue of Graham Supercharger News."

2004 Mark Theobald - with special thanks to Karl S. Zahm







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