Clark Carriage Co. - J.H. Clark Co. - 1800s-1920 - Amesbury, Massachusetts


Clark Carriage Company was another one of the many old-school carriage makers that supplied wooden and composite metal bodies and sub-assemblies to the larger body builders located in and around Amesbury.

The Clark Carriage Co, successors to J.H. Clark, Amesbury, Mass

Among the body building companies that developed in Amesbury shortly after the introduction of metal covered bodies in 1910 was the Clark Carriage Co. After the death of John H. Clark, senior member of the firm, the business was continued by Thomas Clark, who for many years was not at all antagonistic to the automobile, believing that there was a place for both carriages and autos. As a result very few early wooden auto bodies were built by this company. Their first motor car bodies were built of aluminum for the Buick Motor Car Co. They continued to do work for this company during the entire career in the automobile business, specializing in the Buick touring car. In 1913 seven to ten bodies per week were finished. A large brick factory at the corner of Oakland and Chestnut Street housed the establishment where in 1916 one hundred and twenty-five men were employed. The Walker Body Co. bought out the Clark Carriage Co. in 1920.


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