St. Louis Car Company - 1887-1960s - St. Louis, Missouri


The St. Louis Car Company was founded 1887 at St. Louis, MO. It quickly grew into one of America's leading builders of rolling stock for electric street car and interurban systems.

Unique among interurbans was the Washington-Virginia's parlor car Mount Vernon, aboard which countless thousands rode in princely splendor to view the Washington estate and tomb. Built by the St. Louis Car Company in 1904 as the Mabel, the car was originally owned by the Lewis Publishing Company, publishers of Woman's Magazine and Woman's Farm Journal, and was employed for the entertainment of company friends and visitors during the 1904 St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition. One compartment was furnished as a parlor, with a handsomely carved settee in the center, tastefully upholstered in a fine yellow fabric harmonizing with the ceiling, curtains, and portieres, which were pea green. Upholstered chairs and an inlaid mahogany desk completed the parlor furnishings. A smoker section and a completely equipped buffet were installed in the opposite end of the car. The elegant Mount Vernon posed for this photograph outside the railway's Four Mile Run carhouse in 1923.


ST. LOUIS (ii) (US) 1921-1922; 1930-1951

St. Louis Car Co., St. Louis, Missouri

An established maker of streetcars and railroad passenger cars, St. Louis was building double-deck bus bodies by 1914, when a sizable fleet of open-top double­-deckers with St. Louis bodies on Mack or Kelly-­Springfield chassis was placed in operation in San Francisco to convey visitors to the Panama-Pacific Exposition. St. Louis Car also built the bodies for the original fleet of Chicago double-deckers in 1917 (see American Motor Bus). Two experimental trolley-coaches and a fleet of four for Windsor were constructed in the early 1920's. The company never got deeply involved in buses, though small orders for bodies were accepted during the 1920's. With the revival of U.S. interest in trolley-coaches after 1928, St. Louis entered that market, doing moderately well before the war and quite well after 1945. Atlanta, New Orleans and Cleveland had large fleets of St. Louis trolley-coaches, over 1,100 of which were ultimately produced. St. Louis Car built a sample six-­wheel gas-electric bus in 1929 and a few other prototypes of different kinds later, but never brought any complete buses to market.


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